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How the project works

NasdaBoom is a donation system based on cycles in which users carry out transactions using Nasdacoin, which enables high turnover of earnings and duplication of assets, in addition to contributing to currency increasing in value.

  • 1

    You must purchase Nasdacoin (NSD) on exchanges, thus boosting currency market value.

  • 2

    You must register with NasdaBoom using your sponsor's ID and purchase your first slot.

  • 3

    Become a sponsor, invite your friends and complete your own cycles.

  • 4

    Purchase new slots to boost your earnings and accumulate NSD.

  • 5

    Trade or sell your crypto currencies on any exchange that has Nasdacoin listed.

  • Understand the basic functioning of our system

Nasdacoin numbers

The functional logic of Nasdaboom is quite simple. A user signs up to the system and buys a slot from his or hers sponsor. Now, he or she can refer 3 people to complete a cycle, and from the first and second person referred, the user will receive 80% of the amount paid by them. From the 20% remaining, the amount of 10% goes to the residual bonus and the other 10% goes to the company's reserve fund. The third referred person is always the slot renewal, so its payment must go up to the user’s sponsor.

  • Renewing your slot

  • Payment directly to you

faq - frequently asked questions

What is NasdaBoom?

NasdaBoom project is a Crypto Cycle System that seeks to integrate, in a single community, all users of Nasdacoin. Nasdacoin is an innovative cryptocurrency, which has been in the market for two years already.

What is the main goal of NasdaBoom?

Is to strengthen our community and popularize Nasdacoin, turning it in one of the ten most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

Why should I join NasdaBoom?

To gain access to an earnings-sharing tool, where you can connect with other members and boost your earnings.

How to be part of NasdaBoom Project?

To participate, simply register on our platform using the ID sent by your sponsor and purchase your first slot for US$ 25 in NSD.

How to earn with NasdaBoom?

To multiply your earnings, you can invite friends, complete cycles and purchase new slots.

Why is NasdaBoom sustainable?

All financial transactions take place amongst the users themselves, enabling the resale of slots to new users and the continuity of the cycle system. In this way, no debts are generated to the system.

What are cycles?

Cycle is the process that occurs when referring people or receiving cycle compression, filling their positions. You cycle every time three guests are registered in your slot. Each new cycle completed represents new possibilities to multiply your earnings even more.

What is cycle compression?

It happens when one of your referrals fills the third position of the slot, and where the donation will go up under the following condition: If the sponsor has the first two positions filled, the third of his referred person will make him cycle, and the donation will go up to the upline that does not have 2 filled positions.

What are slots?

They are compartments generated by the system, holding values between US$ 25 and US$ 51,200, 12 in total. Each slot offers 3 renewable positions for referrals to new users.

What happens if my referred person advances to the second slot and I have not yet purchased and activated that slot?

In this case, the dynamic compression of the slot will occur, so that the system will automatically identify a sponsor above you that has a similarly active slot.

How do I pay for the slots?

All slots have reference values in US dollars, but must be paid only and exclusively using Nasdacoin.

Where to get more information about the project?

More information about NasdaBoom can be obtained from our Telegram group. To access, just click here.

How do I withdraw my earnings? Do I have to pay any fee?

To withdraw your earnings, you must transfer them to your exchange wallet or offline wallet. Each withdrawal has a fee of 5% of the amount withdrawn and you can withdraw as many times as you like.

How does the distribution of values occur?

From your first and second referrals, the system will pay you 80% of the donated amount. From the remaining 20%, 10% will go to a company reserve fund and 10% will be used to pay residual bonus to 20 levels deep.

What is unilevel?

Is the distribution of part of the donation made by your referrals to the entire community, the rule being 0.5% over 20 levels deep of your network.

How many people can I refer?

NasdaBoom is a system of cycles and slots that allows the community to grow indefinitely and steadily. Thus, you can indicate as many friends as you want, observing only the limit of ten cycles per slot.

Can I cycle more than ten times per slot?

When you have cycled ten times, the system will notify that you should activate the next slot on the sequence. Once this is done, you can continue cycling in the current slot where you are, and up to 10 times in the new slot.

How many indications can be supported by my slot?

All slots can support 3 indications per cycle, which are renewed whenever your third referral signs up.

Can I lose track of my direct referrals after cycling?

No. Your referrals’ IDs will always remain linked to your ID, without any possibility of any changes whatsoever. With each completed cycle, you will have the possibility to invite new members without ever losing the previous ones.